Hi, I'm

Garrett Tvedt

I like Building Things

I'm a full stack engineer with three years of experience focused on putting together great user experiences.

From solving interesting challenges in backend code to displaying artful interactions on the frontend and pulling everything together I'm your guy!


I got my start in programming in 2012 when I tried tinkering with Minecraft modding, I came out of it with a bunch of broken .jar files and a passion for learning how to make things work.

Today, I've had the fortune of making a career out of crafting websites like the one you're looking at right now, engineering multiple start-up companies, and working on projects that I use every day.

I'm eager for the next opportunity for me to continue using this experience towards cool and impactful new projects!

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Rensa Games

Full Stack Blockchain Engineer

Rensa Games is a games distribution platform that uses blockchain to send real-time payments directly to game developers and content creators

  • Designed and developed the store back-end and solidity smart contracts, which managed real-time, instantaneous payouts to multiple game developers, music producers, and artists
  • Integrated all back-end and database calls in the front-end to seamlessly display blockchain data and interactions seamlessly and elegantly
  • Led the design and implementation for the GameJam DAO, a system that automates an entire hackathon from initial setups all the way to judging and payouts for award winners

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UnAlgorithm work logo
UnAlgorithm work logo


UnAlgorithm is a mobile app for iOS/Android that gathers Youtube subscription data, displays a users' Youtube subscription feed, and allows them to watch their subscriptions new releases without exposing themselves to the addictive algorithm

  • Users can subscribe to channels they would like to view
  • Every few hours (6 by default) the app will parse Youtube for new uploads
  • The app will then display the videos in a controlled environment

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Cartallos Finance

Full Stack Engineer

Cartallos Finance was a project that allowed cryptocurrency investors to gain exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies with a single token

  • Engineered a governance system which allowed token holders to vote on the direction for the project
  • Worked closely with the UI designer to implement their ideal frontend, including full integration with the smart contract backend
  • Built deployment and test scripts, with CI for full end to end testing on each commit, ensuring quality commits for the entire team

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Other Projects work logo
Other Projects work logo

Other Projects

Head to my Github to check out some of my other projects including:

  • Web Scrapers
  • Decentralized Log Analysis Tools
  • Linux Driver Updates
  • A lightweight Unix Filesystem



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